Training & Workshops

We often are asked by lecturers, administrators, training co-ordinators how long it takes to set up a simulation or how much time is needed to operate the simulation in a class.

In short we have corporate customers who run a full simulation over 2 business days and we have universities who run simulations over 10 months.

Simulate can also provide training for lecturers & administrators on the simulations, ranging from introduction to expert user levels.

We offer offer 1 hour webinar introductory courses on AIRLINE Online, AIRLINE Online Manager and AIRPORT Online.

We also have 3 hour detailed webinar training on the three applications.

We offer the choice of conducting the training in private sessions or scheduled group training. We are a global organisation and will be able to run the sessions at a time that suits users in multiple time zones.


Simulate will often run workshops in cities around the world.

Out workshops servce to provides lecturers with a solid understanding of the simulations, best practice and usually end with a round table discussion of requested features and functionality.

To date Simulate have run Workshops in Arizona, Chicago, Singapore, Hamburg, Berlin, Sydney and Florida.

All prices on application.

Managed Environments

We also offer managed environment services. We can run the simulation for you to reduce the time investment of the lecturer running the course. By using one of our existing implementation methods we can set up the environment for you, based on your requirements, and the simulation run as per your specifications.


AIRLINE Online training is provided to administrators and students wishing to get a head start.

AIRLINE Online Manager (AOM)

AOM training is generally only provided to administrators.

AIRPORT Online (AptO)

AptO training is provided to lecturers as well as students depending on the circumstances.

Experience the Theory